All Data
in One Place

Web traffic, servers performance, 3rd-party providers helth-chekcs, and many, many more. Display data from Graphite, Splunk, Opsview in one place.

We Believe in Simplicity!

We will continue to make it as easy as possible to introduce the Dashboard in your organization. We will also make sure that there will be as little technical constrains as possible - we want all devs in your area to contribute - it's super easy!

Distributed & JSON-ified widgets.

Each and every developer in your organization can contribute to the dashboard. It's easy as returning JSON object over http!

Because widget is a simply JSON object, you can write your widgets in any language you want. The only limit is your imagination!

Out-Of-The-Box Functionalities.

Hoborg Labs provide default set of widgets and tools for some commonly use software packages like git, redmine, jenkins, graphite, opsview or github.

We use {{ mustache }} JS templates and jQuery. We recommend d3js for custom graphs.

Simple Installation

Go to your vhost root folder, and run curl -s | php. You should now have `htdocs`, `boards` and `vendors` folders. Set your DocumenrRoot to htdocs and you're done.
Open your browser and go to `http://your-vhost.local/dashboard.php?conf=demo`. That will look and load first `demo.json` or `demo.js` file found in config folder(s).

For more information visit documentation page

More installation options coming soon!

With new version (2.0) of Dashboard there will be few more easy options to install, including composer.